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Life-Altering Cookie Bowl of the Day: Muffin tins are great for making muffins, but thinking outside the tin can be pretty rewarding.

Introducing: Cookie Bowls.

Just follow these “somewhat easy” instructions, scoop some ice cream in there — cookie dough, perhaps? — and you’ve just made your life one cookie bowl better.

Oh, and also, “cookie bowl” is now a unit of measure. It measures happiness. It’s the happiest one can be.



One spell per character: Fred Weasley | Alohomora

What spell could be more usual to a known mischief maker than the Unlocking Charm? I’m sure Fred, along with George and Lee, used this spells hundreds of times during his Hogwarts. He possibly even used it when he stole the Maruaders Map from Filches office - which is fitting, as the literal translation of “Alohomora” is “Friendly to theives”.

“Right into Hogsmeade,” said Fred, tracing one of them with his finger. “There are seven in all. Now, Filch knows about these four” - he pointed them out - “but we’re sure we’re the only ones who know about these. Don’t bother with the one behind the mirror on the fourth floor. We used it until last winter, but it’s caved in - completely blocked. And we don’t reckon anyone’s ever used this one, because the Whomping Willow’s planted right over the entrance. But this one here, this one leads right into the cellar of Honeydukes. We’ve used it loads of times. And as you might’ve noticed, the entrance is right outside this room, through that one-eyed old crone’s hump.”

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